About Us

Sparkling Beauty – The World’s First Collagen Beauty Seltzers are the brain child of a 3x Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, British, European and US 400m Track Champion, David Jenkins.

Jenkins is also a Chemical Engineering graduate and multi-international patent holder from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Sparkling Beauty collagen drinks were created using some of the finest, most researched collagen peptides in the world. These high-quality peptides are supported by solid, independent scientific research and are produced by GELITA AG, a leading pioneer of collagen peptide production in the world.

Gelita Bioactive Collagen Peptides(R) [BCP] are a composition of different specific peptides for particular targeted physiological benefits that help support the human musculoskeletal (muscle, skin and bone), system.

Each Sparkling Beauty drink contains just over 2.5 grams of Gelita Verisol with 7.5 grams of
Gelita Peptiplus.

(Verisol and Peptiplus are registered trademarks of Gelita AG in the US and abroad.)